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After discovering the work of Terry Miura, a talented group of artists, and several pet portrait requests; I was inspired to close a chapter in the dental field and pursue a new career in art.  I studied at Watts Atelier of the Arts and was honored to be featured among esteemed instructors at The New Masters Academy.

I love to work  'alla prima,' a way of sketching in oil where the artist works 'wet into wet,' preferably from life. 

I am currently a sketch artist and entertainment illustrator for P+A in Hollywood, CA, where clients include feature film, streaming, and television.


Rates are based on  size.  Generally, portraits or 'heads' are great in smaller sizes while a body would require a larger canvas.  Check out my 'pets' gallery for ideas.

Framed mini pet portraits start around 400, unframed sketches start around 200.

For an estimate; click on the commission's tab and send me a bunch of your favorite photos with your budget.

In the LA area, contact me to schedule a reference photoshoot, a sitting, or let me know what you're cooking up!

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