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fine art & illustration

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digital key art illustration in collaboration with  Netlfix & BLT, Hollywood

digital illustration for social in collaboration with BLT, Hollywood

digital key art illustration in collaboration with  Disney & P+A, Hollywood


Heather Lenefsky paints from life because the connection is kinetic and captures all her attention, holding her curiosity stroke to stroke.  Imagining her brush moving over and around the form inspired by the subject offers endless potential for discovery.  It is the feeling of this process that she strives to carry through all of her projects.  Whether in paint or line, playing at capturing a person’s character or celebrating a subject’s essence is engaging in a game with a world that is infinitely fascinating.

Lenefsky now resides in Sydney, Australia after six years of living and working as an Entertainment Illustrator in Los Angeles.  Her education is a composite of great mentorship, ateliers, and valuable in-house agency experience.  She has illustrated for Hollywood studio movie poster clients including feature film, television, and streaming, and was honored to be featured among the New Master’s Academy instructors.  Lenefsky’s fine artwork can be found in private collections in Europe, Canada, and across the United States.

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